Who Is This Hack??

So, there you are at the gym, training someone, and you look up and see another trainer across the floor with a client. Never seen them here before.

Within minutes, you've assessed him/her, and can tell immediately that this person is yet another wannabe trainer that got some poor, unsuspecting fool to follow them and pay for this God awful, numb skull training being displayed in all its ineptness right here on the gym floor.

This hack doesn't even have the client doing a basic squat properly; knees stuck out way over toes, squat taken lower than 45 degree bend of the knee, and hips all in the wrong place. From that little faux pas alone, you know instantly that this is an uncertified, uneducated, non professional in here faking it.

Oh wait... now they're breaking out some punching mitts and have just put boxing gloves on this client. Can't wait to see this...
Yep! Just like you expected; this pseudo trainer doesn't have a clue. Client is throwing damn near windmill punches, trainer's holding mitts straight and flat, using almost no forward resistance on the mitts as the punches come, and there in no real proper boxing form whatsoever between the two of them.
Question: why do trainers who never really learned how to box or kick box themselves think that they can just magically teach those skills to somebody else? This seems to be a disease that has hit gyms everywhere because I see it going on all the time. Everybody wants to be a cool as hell boxing trainer. Especially when they're really not.

Where do they get these wannabe's?

Listen, you hacks, you fakers and posers...

You are a festering, pus filled sore on the butt of our profession. If you're gonna be out here training people, at least educate yourself first, and I don't mean just by reading Muscle and Fitness magazine. Get some NASM or ACE under your belt. Take some workshops, learn the craft properly and get certified. You're playing with people's health and their bodies out here!

Do it the right way, or just don't do it at all. Ya hacks!

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