How Not to Cross the Line With Your Client

The relationship you get to have with your client is indeed a quite intimate one. Within that hour that you train them, there is a lot of sharing of info about the personal details of life. With some clients, more so than others. You are made privy to some of the most personal info regarding your client's job, family, love life, health issues, and also very intimate secrets.

It's a natural part of bonding with each other, and the building blocks of the trust you're going to have. As the professional, you have to make sure to honor that trust, and also to never forget why you're there in the first place; to train your client.

It's great when you have a really good interpersonal relationship with your client. You do, however, need to set some boundaries on just how friendly you get with your clients.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First off...

*Remember why you're there in the first place

- You're a paid professional there to do a job. Try not to forget that.

*Place some limits on sharing info about your own personal life

- As colorful and exciting as your love life might be, your client doesn't need to hear all about it. Censor yourself. Too much info really can be exactly that - too much.

*Try to spend most of your time training, not talking

- If you and your client are having these really lengthy convos during sessions, you must not be doing your job all that well. My clients are barely able to speak when we're in the thick of things. Make sure it's a training session and not just a chatty social visit where the exercise is more of an afterthought.

*Try to stay in your proper role

- You are the trainer, not the BFF. Not to say that you should be robotic and cold, but you shouldn't be hanging out together over beers after a session, either. Be friendly, be yourself, but remember that this is your client, not your best bud.

*And if you are finding yourself somewhat attracted to your client, well... try to hold back as long as you can! ;)

Nothing ruins a good trainer/client relationship faster than taking it THERE. Becoming super intimate with your client in THAT way will only lead to big trouble, and you both end up losing in the end.

I've seen many of those 'trainer dating their client' situations go down in flames, and someone (usually the client) ends up getting hurt. Don't let that be you.

Remember that the people you train put their trust and faith completely in your hands. You have to respect it, and always try to do the right thing by them. Be professional, be personable, be friendly and easy to talk to, but know where to draw the lines. That's one way to keep a good client in your line up for a very long time.

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